What do people thank me for?

Often, I receive thanks from people for helping them advance their projects or thoughts. Whether I support them in making a tough decision, revamping their CV, reflecting on life situations, designing a research proposal, assessing behaviour patterns, (re)decorating their apartment or editing an article.

I love listening to people and helping them find solutions to whatever they are grappling with, be it in my work as a coach or as a friend or colleague.

Active listening is a fascinating way of engaging with people! I get a total kick out of seeing how people think and organise their reality. Time and again have I been astonished by the workings of narrative processes and the revelatory power of storytelling.

Honing my skills in active listening has taken a lot of time and conscious, targeted effort. At the beginning, I struggled with staying patient and calm. I lost count of all the moments of refraining from drowning the person sitting across from me with the numerous remedies to their issue at hand. Today, I can ease into these conversations and just stay present with the client, colleague or friend. I listen closely and focus on discerning underlying themes and patterns.

Making sense of systems and structures, detecting common denominators and mechanisms has been exciting for me since I was little. That’s where I find my “sweet spot“. The thrill of figuring out the logic of complex public transportation systems, for instance, hits me every time I’m in a new city. It is a similar sensation and satisfaction when I help people bringing greater structure and understanding into their endeavours. It very often also helps removing obstacles and resolving self-sabotaging behaviour. Beautiful transformations happen in those processes!

And I absolutely adore helping people with language and text, particularly when it includes working on structural aspects as well. It is where I move into “flow” most easily. Making meanings clear, getting messages across and conveying thoughts both beautifully and convincingly is as exhilarating as rewarding for me.

When I utilise my skills and passions for the benefit of others and the things close to their heart, I can bring out the best in myself. And that is reflected in the results my clients, friends and colleagues achieve – by joining our energies and dedication!

2 thoughts on “What do people thank me for?

  1. Jen says:

    I can confirm that this is one of your huge strengths and gifts! I know how thankful I am that you are there to help me clarify my ideas and writings! Don’t know what I’d do without you!! Wonderful post & wonderful blog.

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